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Astrea – A Nanosatellite constellation design Project

During the first semester of 2016/2017 course, some UPC SP members joined together for the first time, in order to develop an ambitious project for the Projects subject, officially imparted to all ESEIAAT aerospace engineering degrees students. The aim of the project was to design a nanosatellite LEO constellation, capable of providing data relay services to other satellites.

Second edition of «Near Space Arduino Course» is a total success of participants

A few weeks ago, second edition of Near Space Arduino Course started at ESEIAAT, UPC. This course is organized by UPC Space Program collaborating with Electronics Department of ESEIAAT. Just a couple hours after course announcement, all vacancies were filled. Several topics as A/D, PWM, GPS data, controlling a servomotor, I2C communication through a commercial

ValkyrieXS first launch

Friday, 3 June 2016 Team Valkyrie performed its first rocket launch named Valyrie XS to perform some systems test, as they work towards its main objective, launch a rocket with wings. Specifically, today were tested 6 systems on de main rocket: Structural resistance: the fuselage built from scratch similar to air plane techniques, performed well.