Autonomous UAV design and development

The Aldora mission works in an emerging sector such as autonomous UAV drones, capable of carrying out complex tasks of territory reconnaissance

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Design, manufacture and launch of two-phased rockets

The Ares mission was born from the desire of the students who form the UPC Space Program to design, build and launch a two-phase rocket that will successfully reach supersonic conditions.

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Ground exploration robots development

The GRound Autonomous Student Station (GRASS) has as its objective to get students acquainted to spacial robotics through the design and development of an autonomous rover with features such as terrain recognition, sample retrieving, and obstacle evasion and movement.

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High Altitude Balloons development

Zephyros mission has its origins in 2019, pursuing the aim of becoming the first high altitude balloon with zero pressure technology that is able to remain at a great altitude for an extended period of time.

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Cubesats research and experimentation

The Horus mission is the UPC Space Program project dedicated to CubeSats that aims to investigate and optimize every process related to the manufacture of a CubeSat, along with mission performance, to create a fully operational satellite

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