Design, manufacture and launch of two-phased rockets

The Ares mission was born from the desire of the students who form the UPC Space Program to design, build and launch a two-phase rocket that will successfully reach supersonic conditions.

This mission begins in 2017, when it is proposed to create the first rocket with low power engines to experiment with stage separation and tracking and location of the rocket, the Ares I, which was first launched in February 2018. Once the Ares I was launched, it was upgraded to the Ares II, its improved version, manufactured through a collaboration with HP and using a new manufacturing technique for the fuselage, additive manufacturing.

At the same time, it was decided to start with another project so that new members could learn about building amateur rockets, the Deimos mission. In April 2019 those two were launched, ensuring the progress of the mission and opening the doors to the Ares III project, with the main objective of designing and launching a supersonic rocket with success.


Ares I

Rocket that aimed to test a complex electronics and a phase separation technique that incorporated 3D printed parts. Its launch gave significant data as to how the rocket and its electronics behaved under those circumstances.

Ares II

The objective of this rocket was to test a new fuselage made of a composite material of fiberglass and epoxy and with printed polyamide with additive manufacturing inside.


This rocket was made for new mission members to learn about the design, construction and launch of rockets. In addition, a camera was incorporated into the fuselage to record the ascent from the inside!

Ares III

Currently in design, the Ares III project aims to be the first rocket in the program to overcome supersonic conditions. It includes all the features studied in previous rockets, as well as robust electronics to withstand extreme speed conditions and a skeleton made with additive manufacturing covered with a layer of fiberglass and epoxy in order to drastically reduce weight without losing strength.