Mission summary The GRound Autonomous Student Station (GRASS) is a project motivated by the desire to create a rover in order to get closer to space robotics. Our goals are to design, simulate and build a rover, with abilities such as recognizing the field, avoiding obstacles, moving and analyzing objects. On the one hand, the […]


The High Altitude Balloon project pursues a wide range of objectives, the common feature of all being the strive to reach altitudes termed as “near space”, so as to conduct experiments and research in conditions that are closely akin to those in space. Up to date, the totality of the experiments and missions that have […]


Mission summary The main objective of the Aldora project is the creation of an electric and autonomous UAV, pursuing continuous improvement of efficiency, both aerodynamically and propulsive requirements, and the creation of various versions of this to meet different needs. In addition, it is characterized by leading technological systems on board: autonomous control, artificial vision, […]


Mission summary ARES is a mission born from the will to study how sonic velocities affect a rocket. To be able to achieve such thing , some milestones have to be accomplished before focusing on the sonic study. Our mission does not have an expiration date, we focus on solving problems one by one and, […]