Mission summary

The Ares mission begins two years ago to fulfil the idea of creating a supersonic rocket within the university. Eventually, the mission evolved in the design of a multi-stage supersonic rocket with solid fuel.

Due to the lack of experience of the member, it was decided to first do a sonic rocket in order to test the stage separation, electronics, parachute functioning and fabrication techniques. This first rocket was named Ares I.

After a successful launch of Ares I (with certain issues of course), it began the design of the supersonic rocket, named Ares II, using the data obtained from the launch of Ares I.

In the present days, the design and analysis of all the parts needed to built the Ares II are completed and it is waiting for this pieces to be made. The Ares mission is currently collaborating with the company Hewlett-Packard (HP), which using new 3D printing techniques based on laser solidified dust polymers, is printing the whole structure of the rocket.

In both Ares I and Ares II the electronics were all-made at the university. The electronics board of the Ares II is already assembled and all the components have been tested.

Currently, the Ares mission is formed by 15 students of various faculties of Terrassa, in which we can find aerospace engineers as well as industrial engineers.

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