What is TGS?

Terrassa Ground Station (TGS) is a UPCSP laboratory willing to become the gateway between ESEIAAT and LEO satellites. Our team works on establishing satellite communication links through software based radios. So far, we have built an operational station that has achieved bidirectional communication with several low earth orbit UHF satellites.

What are the plans for this semester?

Currently, we are looking to expand our team with several motivated students, with special interest in programming software applied to space technologies. Either if Linux, makefiles, git, bash or ssh are familiar words to you or you are eager to learn about them, you should definitely come and talk with us. During the next semester our main objectives are the develop TGS-Link and TGS-Transceiver.

  • TGS-Transceiver aims to communicate with satellites using digital modulations like FSK or QPSK,
  • TGS-Link aims to emit and receive signals using TGS from TGS computer or from any other allowed computer while reconfiguring TGS-Transceiver. It is going to be the station control interface.

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