UPC SP is on Github

Nowadays, a version control system is fundamental for the successful development of complex projects within a big team. We noted that need some months ago, when we realised that most of our code was not reused. People repeatedly developed the same functionality over time. This is to be avoided since it has not any positive outcome.

That is why we decided to start out GitHub account, which is one of the most used web-based Git servers out there. With this, we aim to achieve a suitable architecture for the future members of UPC SP to take advantage of the already acquired knowledge of the group. Moreover, this architecture will also provide tools to keep track of the applied changes and also, to work collaboratively. Finally, and equally important, it will allow the group to showcase our projects and to collaborate with other groups with similar interests

Fig.1 – Git workflow explained.

Every member of UPC SP is encouraged to learn Git and start contributing to the different repositories. In fact, anyone from all over the world could contribute to our projects!

The only rule is to keep the code well documented (with README’s) and well organised so as to facilitate further improvements of the code.

The repository archive of UPC SP can be found here. If you are a member of UPC SP willing to be part of this, let it know!

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