ValkyrieXS first launch

Friday, 3 June 2016

Team Valkyrie performed its first rocket launch named Valyrie XS to perform some systems test, as they work towards its main objective, launch a rocket with wings.

Specifically, today were tested 6 systems on de main rocket:

  • Structural resistance: the fuselage built from scratch similar to air plane techniques, performed well.
  • Motor block: Performed better than expect, it successfully dissipated the energy of the second blast of the motor without receiving permanent damages.
  • On board electronics: they worked until the take off, high accelerations could have disconnect the battery.
  • Automated launcher: need a complete revision to get rid of shortcuts.
  • Automated parachute deployment system: the main parachute failed to open, it was stuck in the compartment, the complete system is being revised.

To sum up, 3/6 systems worked successfully well, the other need to be improved. We had learnt important lessons for future launches; there is still a lot of work to do!


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